Samantha Carter has had a love and passion for horses since she was a young girl. Growing up she new exactly what she wanted to be, and growing up in South florida gave her the perfect opportunities to learn from some of the best!

After showing her junior years here locally, she spent most of her early twenties traveling, showing and working on the A circuit.

Some of her accomplishments include ribbons at Littlewood, Brownland, the Kentucky horse park, Old Salem, ESP and Venice.

As an active member of the USEF she came back to Jupiter and opened her own business. Since the doors opened she has been blessed with the opportunity to train, show and bring along students that share in her passion of the sport.

" I believe in the basics! It's so important for the horse and rider to be able to effectively communicate and work as a team. More then often I have clients who want and hope for the best, but just need some help breaking threw the barrier of communication so that they can start to work and learn as a team. I get to be their 'counselor' and will step in when need be to work with the horse. Sometimes they are simply speaking two different languages and need someone to interpret, other times its just uneducated horses or riders. I enjoy and prefer to sit on every horse I work with so that I can more accurately help the rider. "

Feeling Frustrated? Need a Break through?

Need some help? Feel free to contact us if your "team" needs an evaluation. We are confident that we can help you with that difficult or "problem child". All evaluations start from the ground up. The horse will be completely checked over for pain, proper saddle/tack fit and then will be worked on the ground either in a round pen or on a lunge line. After that the horse will be ridden and evaluated for education, willingness and ability.

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